How can I get partner website access?

All Platinum and Digital Platinum Members are entitled to access to all Lee Newspaper Websites and E-Editions. For information on how to verify your membership level see How do I verify my Membership Level?.


Click here for a complete list of Lee Newspaper Websites.

To access a partner website follow the instructions below.

  1. Navigate to the partner website that you wish to access


  2. Create a new digital account on the partner website (if you haven't already)

    Navigate to the /users/login page on the partner website to create a new digital account



    Make sure you utilize the same Email you use to sign in to your home website (the website where your subscription was purchased) when you sign up / register for your partner digital account(s). The partner website cannot be accessed unless the Email is identical.

  3. Sign into the partner website (if you haven't already).

    See How do I verify I'm logged in to my digital account? to find out how to verify you are signed in.

Once you are logged into the partner website with the same email address, you should have unlimited digital access to that partner website.

Example: If you are a subscriber of the Quad City Times ( and would like to access digital content from the Moline Dispatch (, you would first make note of your email address used to sign into the, navigate to, and finally create a new digital account using the same email on the


Be patient. The process that grants access to the partner websites could take up to 30 minutes. Make sure it's been 30 minutes since you purchased your platinum or digital platinum subscription.